Sheriff Woody Pride: The Pull String Cowboy


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Sheriff Woody Pride is that pull string cowboy from the Disney Pixar children’s animated movie Toy Story that Andy holds dear to his heart. In this article, you’ll find out more about Sheriff Woody and how he became a part of our childhood.

What is the Sheriff Woody Pride?

Sheriff Woody Pride is a real-life cowboy who patrols the hills and forests of rural Potter County, Texas. He is also the founder and director of the Potter County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Unit.

Sheriff Woody Pride was born in 1952 in the hills of Potter County, Texas. He grew up on a family ranching operation and began working at age 14, loading cattle and helping to manage the ranch. In 1973, he became a full-time law enforcement officer with the Potter County Sheriff’s Office. Over the course of his career, Sheriff Woody has worked as a deputy sheriff, master deputy, and sheriff.

Sheriff Woody Pride began patrolling Potter County’s hills and forests on horseback in 1993. The mounted patrol unit he founded now consists of 14 deputies and 12 horses. The unit provides law enforcement services to a area of more than 2,000 square miles.

Sheriff Woody Pride is known for his selfless dedication to his duty and his strong sense of community spirit. He is a regular participant in community events and meetings, and has been instrumental in promoting tourism in Potter County. Sheriff Woody Pride is also a member of the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA), American Horse Council (AHC), Texas Sheriff’s Association (TSA), Potter County Chamber of Commerce, Texas Horseman’s Association (THA), and the Texas Forest Service.Sheriff Pride is a former president of the NSA, AHC, TSA and THA. He served as the THA President for four years and has been honored as an NSA “Ranger of the Year” Award Recipient in 2002 and 2004. In 2006, he received a Meritorious Service Award from his peers in the TSA. Sheriff Woody Pride is also a member of Texas’ Valley West Chapter of the International Order of Police (IOP) Lodge #2356.You can also read Which Racing Lawn Mower Engines Are a Racer’s Favorites?.

How to Buy Sheriff Woody Pride

Sheriff Woody Pride is a character who has been around since 1977. He is a cowboy who pulls the string on a toy horse to make it gallop. He was created by Bonnie Ziegler and Don Thomas and first appeared in a comic book. Today, there are many products related to Sheriff Woody Pride. You can buy merchandise such as dolls, T-shirts, and breakfast cereal.

What are some of his favorite quotes?

Sheriff Woody Pride: “I like to think of myself as a pull string cowboy.”
Sheriff Woody Pride has a unique take on law enforcement. He loves being able to help people and make a difference in their lives. He also has a few favorite quotes that he likes to live by.

What did he usually do on his day off?

Sheriff Woody Pride was known for his love of riding horses. On his day off, he would often go out on horseback and ride around the county.Conclusion :They can assume that Sheriff Woody Pride was a very happy man, because they know he loved riding horses and he always had his day off. So they can conclude that Sheriff Woody Pride was a very happy man.


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